TimePrice without VATPrice including VAT
3 hours (limit 100 km)450,- Kč545,- Kč
6 hours (limit 150 km)700,- Kč847,- Kč</td
1-7 days (limit 300 km / day)1.000,- Kč1.210,- Kč
8-14 days (limit 300 km / day)900,- Kč1.089,- Kč
15-29 days (limit 300 km / day)800,- Kč968,- Kč
1 month (limit 10.000 km)20.000,- Kč24200,- Kč

engine2.0 Di 74kW
towing deviceno.
Load capacity1 100 kg
driving licenseB
No. of seats3
average consumption8l/100km
Air conditioningne

length285 cm
width175 cm
height175 cm
volume9 m3


This van is very comfortable, very handy and well maneuverable. Due to the larger size is this van more suitable for experienced drivers. A big advantage of this van is a parking assistant, that can help you to return back to the place of load. Ideal speed si about 110 – 120 km / h.