Ford Transit MWB


6 hours700,- Kč
1 day1.000,- Kč
8 days900,- Kč/day
14 days800,- Kč/day
1 month20.000,- Kč

engine2.0 Di 63kW
towing deviceno.
driving licenseB
No. of seats3 místa
average consumption8l/100km
Air conditioningNo

length285 cm
width175 cm
height185 cm
volume10 m3

This van is very comfortable, very handy, well maneuverable, low consumption and front wheel drive on. Is suitable for short and longer routes, as well. Driving of this van is very intuitive and can be easily handled by drivers without experience with large cars. Ideal speed si about 110 – 120 km / h.